No artist highway patrol

     · The family of an Orange County teen killed in a 2006 car accident has reached a $ settlement in a lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol ...

    During a robbery Lester Rutman kills a guard, stows the body in his car trunk, and disposes of the corpse on farmer Martin Jensen's property. Jansen witnesses the act and notifies the Highway Patrol. Dan Mathews and his officers set up a series of roadblocks, and Rutman and his partner Collins narrowly escape capture by turning onto a dirt road. Rutman concludes that a witness saw him dispose of the body and he sets out to eliminate that person. Posing as newspapermen, Rutman and Collins learn Martin Jensen's identity and whereabouts from his wife Jane and they are able to trap them in a barn. The two felons fire shots at the barn and a pitched gun battle ensues when Dan and his officers hear the shots and investigate. Written by Sam Spear

    No Artist Highway PatrolNo Artist Highway PatrolNo Artist Highway PatrolNo Artist Highway Patrol